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B2B companies often face a major challenge engaging executive decision makers and influencers from their customer base.

Complete Customer Advisory Board Solutions

Companies know that executives at existing customer accounts hold the key to organic growth, greater profits and growing market and mind share. Customer meetings throughout the year, even with mutual strategic planning sessions, can often yield one-off discussions of “what’s keeping the customer up at night” that may not quickly lead to an aggregate customer or market view. 

Unlock Customer Collaboration

More and more B2B firms find organizing a Customer Advisory Board is an efficient and effective means to infuse the insight of their customers directly into their organization, strengthen customer relationships and build reciprocal value. Assembling a peer group of customers as strategic advisors to your company that also influences the industry is the promise of Customer Advisory Boards. That is the exclusive focus of Ignite Advisory Group.

Put Our Expertise to Work for Your Business

Ignite Advisory Group helps B2B companies engage with executives at key accounts through high-impact Customer Advisory Boards and Partner Advisory Boards. We offer the most comprehensive Customer and Partner Advisory Board solutions. Extensive experience with the world’s leading companies and brands is available to your company to accelerate your customer success. Our not-so-secret sauce is in the application of proven practices developed or observed in hundreds of Customer Advisory and Partner Board meetings and planning sessions.

Our proven processes and approach guide the evolution of Customer Advisory and Partner Advisory Boards, whether focused across the enterprise, by vertical or business function. Proven best practices ensure success whether creating a new Customer Advisory Board or Partner Advisory Board or re-igniting an existing program that is not generating the necessary value to the sponsoring company or to the advisory board members.

Accelerate the Success of Your Customer Advisory Board

A customer advisory board will be successful. And, partnering with a customer advisory board expert will accelerate a board’s success.

Many companies feel their top customers are their crown jewels, and they are reluctant to engage third-party assistance for critical customer initiatives. As with any business decision, the scales tip when you find a resource to leverage expertise that delivers faster, more smoothly, and better.Those are the very reasons to engage Ignite Advisory Group as we provide integrated advisory services that deliver third-party objectivity desired by your members and your leadership team.

Explore our approach, find out more about common challenges, review our testimonials and find out why Ignite Advisory Group is the leader in successful Customer Advisory Boards and Partner Advisory Boards management and consulting services.

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"Working under tight deadlines and with multiple Dell stakeholders Ignite AG delivered a best in class Customer Advisory Board experience for the President's Advisory Board members and Dell."

Joanne Moretti
VP & Global Head Software Marketing
Dell Software

Dell Customer Advisory Board, managed by Ignite Advisory Group 

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